The Ultimate Music Festival Camping Checklist

While the idea of “roughing it” may contribute to the romanticized allure of a music festival, let’s be honest; comfort and convenience are way better. Sleeping under the stars? Awesome. Having a tent to sleep in if it rains? Way more awesome. Regardless of how well-equipped, you will have an epic time at any good music festival. However, the following Music Festival Camping Checklist will help you to stay warm (or cool if necessary), dry, well-fed, reasonably well-rested, and hydrated.

Weather Ready

Depending on when and where the music festival is happening, you might expect rain, hot sun, cool temps or a combination. Being prepared for any possibilities will go a long way toward ensuring a good time. 

 1. Quality Rain Gear – A really great rain jacket, rain pants, and waterproof shoes will keep you comfy and dry. Continue to jam and have fun regardless of whether the skies open up. 

2. Sunscreen – It is so easy to get caught up in all the action and neglect your skin. Sunburn can ruin your skin and your good time. 

3. Canopy – A nice place to relax out of the sun will keep you cool and probably help you make some cool, although less prepared friends. 

4. Handheld Fan – Things can get pretty steamy at summer festivals. Guarantee yourself a refreshing breeze with a small, handheld fan. 

5. Sun Hat/Sunglasses – Protect your head and make sure that you aren’t trying to see your favorite band through squinted eyes. 

6. Warm Weather Layers – Even in summer certain areas can have chilly temps, especially at night. Have an insulated jacket or vest on hand to keep the chill off. 

Good Eats

It is crucial when you are out in the elements and having a good time, particularly when indulging, that you keep up your energy by feeding yourself well.

7. Healthy Snacks – You won’t always want to stop in the middle of all of the action to silence your growling stomach. Having snacks like granola bars, dried fruits, and nuts handy will keep you energized. 

8. Portable Propane Stove – The ability to cook up a little something for yourself, either a hearty oatmeal breakfast to start the day right or a tasty late night snack will save you money and keep you satisfied. 

9. Cooler – Keep your perishables on ice. Some high-quality coolers on the market will keep ice for up to three days. 

10. Utensils and Flatware – Lightweight, portable, and easy to pack utensils, pots, sporks, plates, and bowls will make cooking out and eating right a simple exercise. 

Stay Hydrated

Hopefully you have a lot of fun, dancing, and sunshine to look forward to but you should be conscious about protecting yourself from too much of any good thing. Staying hydrated will be the difference between a fantastic time and not so much.

11. Camelback – A small, lightweight, easy to carry water pack that you can keep with you throughout the event. 

12. Fresh Water – Bringing your own water will keep you from fighting the crowds and ensure easy access to fresh, clean water. 

13. Sports Drinks – You should be drinking water, but something with a little flavor and some electrolytes will do wonders. 

14. Hydration Tablets – A great addition to any active person’s pack. Add these little tabs to your water to ensure proper hydration and electrolyte and mineral replenishment. 

Sleep in Comfort

15. Tent – Invest in a high-quality, waterproof, wind-resistant tent for optimal comfort. 

16. Sleeping Bag – Check out the rating! Sleeping bags are rated for the coldest temperature in which the bag will keep you warm. A 50-degree bag will be more than adequate for most summer festivals. 

17. Air Mattress or Sleeping Pad – Getting a little cushion between you and the ground can make a world of difference!

18. Earplugs – Not everyone at the festival is going to be ready to sleep on your schedule. Keep the noise of the night owls from ruining your slumber. 

Random Stuff

20. Tent Flag – There will be lots of tents in a large area. To find your way back to your tent, get something unique like a cool scarf to tie over it for easy identification.

21. Solar Lanterns – Leave them out to charge all day, and they will keep your site lit all night.

22. Solar Charger – Easy to pack, portable solar chargers will help you stay connected so that you can share all of the festival fun.

23. Camping Chair – Somewhere to take a load off and chill.

24. Outdoor Folding Table – Convenient for food prep and card games. 

25. Journal and Pen – You are going to want to remember every detail and the best way to do that is to get it on paper ASAP. 

Before you begin to check things off of your Music Festival Camping Checklist, head over to and learn about the shopping, shipping, and storage solutions that they offer to make your music festival camping excursion easier and stress-free. 

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