Music Festival vs. Rave vs. Concert: The Big Debate About Music Experiences

If you’re like most people, you love music and everything it provides your mind, body, and soul. One of the best aspects of music’s influence is the way it touches you when you see it live, right in front of you. And in today’s amazing world, you can take advantage of many types of live music events, encompassing every genre, in every corner of the globe. But knowing the difference between a music festival vs. rave vs. concert can be tricky, so we’re here to help you understand what you can expect at each one of these musical performances to help you be the best lover of music that you can be.

All About Celebrating Music: How They Are Similar

No matter which of these options you choose to take advantage of, one thing is certain: you will experience live, music performances. Music festivals, raves, and concerts all feature musicians and/or performers that delight their audiences at a specified event. The event will host a specific lineup of musicians that are expected by the audience and will perform during the show. However, as most music lovers know, unexpected changes are part of the industry. Most attendees and audience members are there to enjoy a certain genre of music, a specific artist, or maybe even someone they know. Festivals are designed to provide musical experiences for multiple days and are ideal for people seeking freedom, fun, and a vacation.

Music Festival Vs. Rave Vs. Concert: So What’s the Difference?

Music Festivals

When you attend a music festival, it is typically considered a large, community gathering because there are lots and lots of attendees. There is usually a lineup of performances that happen over the course of at least a few days and plenty of musicians within that lineup. Festivals may be genre-specific, but they may also consist of a mashup of a variety of genres as well. These are large, organized events that may or may not feature multiple stages, and typically occur outside. Unlike most other types of music events, festivals usually feature options for eating, drinking, and shopping, as well as activities to participate in and even options for camping/staying.


Festivals and raves are often confused with one another. A rave is typically more genre-specific and features performances by DJs or other “dance party” musicians. For the most part, a rave is considered a giant dance party that may not last as long as a festival would. In addition, festivals and concerts are often heavily organized and pre-planned, whereas raves can be both planned or spontaneous. They can be both small or very large. There is also an unspoken fashion guideline at raves that allows you to dress in unconventional, provocative, and/or brightly-colored garb. Venues for raves tend to be more “underground” or intimate than concerts and festivals. If you’re looking for a loud, fun dance party, a rave may be the way to go.


Concerts have been happening for centuries and centuries. A concert is simply any live music performance that happens in front of an audience but usually consists of a smaller, more-specific lineup of musicians and artists. Concerts can feature single performers, bands or groups. ensembles, or a few different performers. These can occur in a variety of settings and have very small to very large audiences. Concerts are typically highly-organized and happen at venues that are dedicated to that specific purpose. Concerts are considered a more “formal” experience than a festival or rave, and typically feature specific seating arrangements for each audience member; whereas raves and festivals are simply open and do not require assigned seating/standing arrangements. Concerts have been a go-to option for people throughout history for the easiest method in experiencing live music.

When it comes down to the music festival vs. rave vs. concert debate, it’s all about what you’re looking for and what you want to get out of your music experience. As music lovers ourselves, Festiport understands how important the experience of a live performance is. Learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your music performance experiences, each and every time today.

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