Looking Forward to the Bright Future of Music Festivals

The future of music festivals is looking brighter than ever and these live venues are definitely here to stay. Multiple sources share statistics showing live concerts aren’t falling on deaf ears. Half of today’s Americans are attending at least one live music event annually. This equates to over 32 million fans purchasing tickets to these venues; up by 44% since 2015 and continuing to rise.

As more and more generations continue to come of age, they’ve been drenched in the rapid rise of technology throughout their young lives. Many feared the use of omnipresent screens by today’s youth would diminish the demand for live, outdoor music venues. Instead, technology is ushering in a new “age of experience.” As opposed to streaming music, many fans would rather be screaming in person for their favorite artist to perform live onstage. This sentiment says good things about the future of music festivals.

The Experience

Keeping up with this rising trend, organizers, promoters and other parts of the event planning wheel are inviting a variety of vendors to participate in the show. From beer and wine service to crafters and food trucks, the whole experience has reached new levels separate from the stage. In addition, “stations” are being set up to pass out water and to provide shade and setups for sensational selfies. Thumbs up for providing a better overall concert experience as explained by world-renowned abstract artist Jonathan Zwada:

When I was growing up in the ’90s, it was just you see a band on stage and that’s about it,” he told REVOLT TV. “Nowadays, it feels like 50% of the festival (experience) is really all of this other stuff.”

For example, the famed Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival provides more than meets the eye (and ears) when attending their annual event. Recent and notable additions to their musical experience include:

  • A 3D projection pool 
  • An interactive hologram featuring Tupac
  • An augmented reality clothing shop
  • Over a hundred food vendors offering everything from farm-to-fork favorites to wood-fired pizza and more
  • A VIP pass includes an open bar, lounge seating and premium stage viewing
  • Commissioning artists sharing their original, site-specific, large-scale pieces
  • On-site camping locations

The Rise & Reach Of Social Media

Since the beginning of the decade, the number of social media members has tripled in size. Internet users continue to share a multitude of musical renditions from their favorite artists on a number of different social media channels. From Instagram to YouTube, music is on fire online with literally billions of viewable minutes of live performances and taped recordings available on the internet.

When ticket holders show up for the festival, instead of prohibiting attendees from photographing, recording or videotaping during the event as they did in the past, promoters are embracing the practice. The future of music festivals will likely continue that trend. After all, it’s one of the best forms of free publicity, advertising, and promotional tools you’ll find given today’s technology and on the reach of the world-wide-web.

The Expansion Of EDM

EDM (Electronic Dance Music aka electronic or dance music) was blazing in the eighties and thanks to technology, it’s overflowing to outdoor venues. EDM events are huge in Europe, rising in China and South America with the United States expected to follow suit. Electronic artists have been dominating Spotify and other popular online music platforms. Some of the top ten artists chosen by users of the Spotify service highlight some big names like:

  • Imagine Dragons
  • Cage The Elephant
  • Elton John
  • The Killers
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Calvin Harris
  • Mumford and Sons
  • Justine Moore
  • Modest Mouse
  • Miranda Lambert

Technology and electronics go hand-in-hand, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to the future of music festivals and how artists will continue to interpret the presentation of their music.

No matter your taste in music, you’ll likely find your favorite artists and bands in your particular musical genre playing at an indoor or outdoor concert venue near you. Keep your eyes and ears open for the next spectacular festival coming to a location in or near your town.

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